Academic Excellence for Athletes: Balancing Sports and Studies

This course provides high school student-athletes with strategies to excel in academics while pursuing their athletic goals. From time management to stress management, participants will learn how to balance sports and studies effectively, enhancing their academic performance and overall well-being.

Course objectives

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of the student-athlete lifestyle
  • Develop effective time management strategies to maximize productivity
  • Enhance study habits and academic success techniques
  • Learn stress management techniques and prioritize mental health
  • Optimize academic planning and course selection for student-athletes
  • Utilize technology tools for academic success
  • Balance extracurricular commitments and responsibilities
  • Navigate the college admissions process as a student-athlete
  • Build a support network for academic and athletic success


Time Management Strategies: Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency

Enhancing Study Habits: Proven Techniques for Academic Success

Effective Study Techniques: Enhancing Retention and Understanding

Stress Management and Well-being: Cultivating Resilience and Mental Health

Academic Planning and Course Selection: Optimizing Course Load for Student-Athletes

Leveraging Technology for Academic Success: Tools and Apps

Balancing Extracurricular Commitments: Prioritizing Activities and Responsibilities

Navigating the College Admissions Process: Tips for Student-Athletes

Building a Support Network: Seeking Guidance and Resources for Success