Navigating the Recruitment Process: A Guide for Student-Athletes

Course title : Mastering High School Recruitment: A Student-Athlete’s Guide

Course Description : Unlock the secrets to successful high school recruitment with this comprehensive course. From understanding the recruitment process to maximizing your opportunities, this course equips student-athletes with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the recruitment journey with confidence. Learn actionable insights on engaging with college coaches, attending recruiting events, staying proactive in the process, and finalizing decisions in your senior year.

Course Objectives :

  • Understand the high school recruitment process and the steps involved
  • Comprehend NCAA eligibility requirements and how to maintain amateur status
  • Develop a strong athletic profile showcasing skills and achievements
  • Create impactful highlight reels using key game footage and editing techniques
  • Navigate the recruitment timeline effectively by managing deadlines and staying organized
  • Enhance communication with college coaches through effective emails and phone conversations
  • Make informed college decisions by evaluating offers, academic programs, and campus culture
  • Utilize technology in recruitment strategies by creating a digital portfolio and exploring recruitment websites
  • Understand the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules, sponsorship opportunities, and protecting personal brand
  • Prepare for official visits and commitments by planning visits, making verbal commitments, and signing National Letter of Intent

Course Tags : high school, recruitment, student-athletes, NCAA, college coaches, NIL