Introduction to Sports Technology: Revolutionizing Athletic Performance

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This course provides a comprehensive overview of sports technology and its impact on athletic performance. Participants will explore the evolution of sports tech, wearable technology, performance analytics, biomechanics, sports nutrition, recovery enhancement, data security, implementation strategies, and future trends in sports technology. Aimed at high school student-athletes and their parents, this course aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to leverage technology for optimizing athletic performance.


Course objectives

  • Understand the evolution and key milestones of sports technology
  • Explore the types and benefits of wearable technology in sports
  • Analyze performance metrics and utilize tools for performance enhancement
  • Examine biomechanics and its applications in improving athletic performance
  • Understand the role of sports nutrition and hydration technology in optimizing performance
  • Learn about recovery technologies and their integration into training programs
  • Discuss data security and ethical considerations in sports technology
  • Develop strategies for implementing sports technology in training programs
  • Explore emerging technologies and their potential impact on sports
  • Prepare for the future of sports technology and its implications
Enhancing Recovery with Technology